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Wild Child : The one about how Buffalo Girl Soaps came to be.

Wild Child : The one about how Buffalo Girl Soaps came to be.

Hello, My name is Luzette Kincaid Musen and I'm going to tell you the story of Buffalo Girl Soaps. Names of the innocent have been changed, so relax and settle in with your beverage of choice. First, let me just say I AM a self-professed Wild Child. I don't mean the party girl kind. I mean growing up I was a tree-climbing, dirt digging, outside-from-dawn-to-dusk kind of wild child. I much pref…
New Help for the Sniffles

New Help for the Sniffles

I few weeks ago I got a cold. It was the first in a long time and I was miserable. My nose was so sore from all the blowing. But, to my surprise when I went to the drug store I found tissues that were infused with oils to help soothe my nose. I thought how easy would these be to make, plus I could create my own blends. The tissues I made were infused with essential oils which are amazing…